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Group Delta provides a full range of geotechnical services in support of new construction developments or retrofit/repair of existing facilities or structures. We have decades of local experience conducting subsurface geotechnical investigations, site characterization, and geotechnical foundation design recommendations for both public and private clients. Over the years we have developed excellent working relationships with the city/county/state agencies who oversee and regulate these projects. Most soil testing is performed in-house in our geotechnical soils testing laboratory facilities which have been certified by Caltrans (California Department of Transportation), the City of Los Angeles, and AASHTO (American Association of State Highway Transportation Officials). For soils investigations, we offer expertise in the following geotechnical engineering services:

  • Site explorations including drilling borings and cone penetrometer tests (CPTs)
  • Foundation alternatives analyses
  • Embankment and excavation slope stability evaluations
  • Slope repair recommendations
  • Excavation, shoring, and dewatering recommendations
  • Soil improvement/remediation recommendations
  • Settlement analysis and monitoring
  • Seismic fault investigations
  • Anchor load tests
  • Evaluation of soil bearing capacity
  • Pile driveability and capacity analyses
  • Site grading specifications
  • Probabilistic and deterministic seismic hazard evaluations
  • Liquefaction potential studies
  • Selection of seismic design parameters
  • Stability analyses of reinforced embankments or dikes
  • Stability analyses of slopes, channels and excavations
  • Pile lateral and axial capacity curves
  • Cantilevered, anchored, and braced sheet pile analyses
  • Retaining and flood walls analyses
  • Seepage analyses
  • Dewatering design

Soils Lab Testing
Group Delta has in-house geotechnical soils testing laboratory facilities to conduct a variety of tests on soils and other building materials. Our laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to perform tests in accordance with the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) and other applicable standards. Our laboratories are certified by Caltrans, AASHTO, and the City of Los Angeles. Our service capabilities in geotechnical laboratory testing include the following tests:

  • Moisture Content
  • Dry Density
  • Maximum Density & Optimum Moisture Content
  • Specific Gravity
  • Atterberg Limits
  • Sieve Analysis
  • Hydrometer Analyses
  • Sand Equivalent
  • Corrosion Potential (ph, Sulfate, Chloride, Resistivity)
  • Consolidation/Collapse
  • R-Value
  • California Bearing Ratio (CBR)
  • Los Angeles Abrasion
  • Shear Shrinkage
  • Swell Expansion Index
  • Direct Shear
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