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The following is a list of Technical Papers co-authored by Group Delta’s Principal Engineers.

Design of Shallow Foundations for Large Polysilicon Plant in China“, Dr. Kul Bhushan, Dr. Ken Choudhary, presented at the Seventh International Conference on Case Histories in Geotechnical Engineering, Chicago, Illinois, April 29 – May 4, 2013.

Experience of a Large Scale Unintentionally Long Surcharge on Organic Soils”, Dr. Ying Liu, Michael D. Reader, Presented at the 43rd Symposium on Engineering Geology and Geotechnical Engineering, Las Vegas, NV, March 2011.

“Seismic Design Analysis of CIDH Pile Foundations Subject to Liquefaction-Induced Lateral Spreading & Downdrag,” Kul Bhushan, Endi Zhai, and Ron Tognazzini, presented at the 8th National Conference for Earthquake Engineering (NCEE) in San Francisco April, 2006.

“Factors Affecting Lateral Capacity of Piles Within an Embedded Pile Cap,” Dr. Kul Bhushan, Curt Scheyhing, a paper submitted for publication in the ASCE Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Journal, 2005.

“Extensive Pile Testing of Auger Pressure Grouted Displacement (APGD) Piles, Los Angeles, California,” Mike Reader, Todd Armstrong, presented to the Deep Foundation Institute in Chicago, December 2005.

“Design & Installation of Large Diameter Pipe Piles for LAXT Wharf,” Dr. Kul Bhushan, Geotechnical Special Publication No. 125, Current Practices and Future Trends in Deep Foundations, Jerry A. DiMaggio and Mohammad H. Hussein, Ed., The Geo-Institute of ASCE, in Honor of George G. Goble, 2004, pp. 370-389.

“Ground Improvement by Stone Columns and Surcharge at a Tank Site,” Dr. Kul Bhushan, Ashok Dhingra, Curt Scheyhing, and Endi Zhai.  Proceedings: Fifth International Conference in Case Histories in Geotechnical Engineering, New York, N.Y. Paper No. 8-36, April 13-17, 2004.

“Lateral Load Tests on Drilled Piers in San Diego Area Residual and Formational Soil,” Dr. Kul Bhushan, Curt Scheyhing.  Proceedings of the DFI 27th Annual Conference on Deep Foundations, Oct. 9-11, 2002, San Diego, California.

“Soil Improvement by Precompression at a Tank Farm Site in Central Java, Indonesia” Dr. Kul Bhushan, C. V. Amante and R. Saaty.  Proceedings, 3rd International Conference on Ground Improvement Techniques, Singapore, September 2000.

“Dynamic Testing of Large Capacity Precast Concrete Piles in the Port of Long Beach,” Dr. Kul Bhushan,  Dr. Alain E. Holeyman.  Fifth International Conference on Piling and Deep Foundations, Bruges, Belgium, June 1994.

“Settlement of a Ring Foundation Using Cone Data,” Dr. Kul Bhushan, with F. Boniadi.  Proceedings of The First International Symposium on Penetration Testing/ISOPT-1/Orlando, Vol. 2, 20-24 March 1988, pp. 681-696.

“Lateral Load Tests on Drilled Pier Foundations for Solar Plant Heliostats,” Dr. Kul Bhushan, Shahen Askari.  Laterally Loaded Deep Foundations: Analysis and Performance, ASTM Special Technical Publication 835, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, September 1984, pp. 140-156.

“Stress Distribution for Heavy Embedded Structures,” Dr. Kul Bhushan, S.C. Haley, Journal of the Geotechnical Engineering Division, ASCE, Vol. 102, No. GT 7, Proc. Paper 12227, July 1976, pp. 807-810.

“Resistance of Ocean Sediments to Sampler Penetration,” Dr. Kul Bhushan, Arshud Mahmood and R. L. Allen, OTC Paper No. 2624, Offshore Technology Conference, Houston, Texas, May 3-6, 1976.

“Experience in Settlement Analysis and Related Geostatic Considerations for the Foundation Design of Heavy Reactor Structures,” Dr. Kul Bhushan, R. L. McNeill, B.C. Yen, and S. C. Haley, Proceedings of International Conference on Experience in the Design, Construction and Operation of Prestressed Concrete Pressure Vessels and Containments for Nuclear Reactors, University of York, England, September 8-12, 1975, pp. 75-81.

“An Experimental Investigation into Expansion of Spherical and Cylindrical Cavities in Sand,” Ph.D. Dissertation, Department of Civil Engineering, Duke University, Durham, North Carolina, 1970.

“Dredging Techniques Used to Develop a Man-Made Lake on a Deep Organic Profile”, Tom Swantko, Proceedings Twenty Second Annual Texas A & M Dredging Seminar, Tacoma, Washington, 1989.

“Creation of a Lake over Peat by Precompression”, Proceedings of the Second Baltic Conference on Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering, “Construction on Peats and Deformations of Structures on Highly Compressible Soils”, Tom Swantko, Tallin, USSR, 1988.

“Experience with the Development of Peat Deposits at Walt Disney World, Florida”, Tom Swantko, Transportation Research Board, Transportation Research Record 978, “Construction and Difficult Geology:  Karstic Limestone, Permafrost, Wetlands, and Peat Deposits, 1984.

“Correlation of CPT Data with Sampling Techniques in Sand”,Tom Swantko, Proceedings of Engineering Foundation Conference on Updating Subsurface Sampling of Soils and Rocks and Their In Situ Testing, Santa Barbara, 1982.

“Monorail Piers on Shallow Foundations, Settlements Based on Dutch Cone Data”, Tom Swantko, Proceedings of the European Symposium on Penetration Testing, Amsterdam, 1982.

“Finite Element Analysis of Displacement Patterns in a Sand Fill on Soft Ground”, Tom Swantko, Proceedings of Symposium on Implementation of Computer Procedures and Stress-Strain Laws in Geotechnical Engineering, Chicago 1981.

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