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LAX Automated People Mover

The Automated People Mover (APM) project consists of a 2.3-mile elevated guideway and stations to connect the Central Terminal Area (CTA) at Los Angeles World Airport (LAWA) to a new proposed Consolidated Rental Car Facility (CONRAC). The APM will also connect to Intermodal Transportation Facilities between the CTA and CONRAC.

Group Delta is providing geotechnical engineering and environmental consulting services for the LAWA APM DBFOM Project. Group Delta has prepared initial workplans and is performing field subsurface investigations, development of geotechnical design parameters for large-diameter pile foundations, ground motion studies. and other geotechnical issues, and consulting services to the design-build team.

The project includes coordination of field activities with the design team and various agencies, as well as coordination with the design team and review agencies during the design phase of the project.

Group Delta is implementing our knowledge and experience with large-diameter pile design and load testing to optimize pile design. Using project design criteria requirements, bi-directional load test data and experience working with the local regulatory agencies, we are optimizing the design for more than 2,000-foot large diameter (8 to 11-feet) piles for the project.

Location: Los Angeles, California
Client: LINXS

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