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Port of Oakland Middle Harbor Shoreline Up Mole

Group Delta is performing a shoreline slope stability evaluation at the Port of Oakland Middle Harbor Shoreline Park, addressing the concern with the instability of the waterfront slope. This site carries significance, in that it was part of the historic UP Mole, a piece of land that was created in the middle of the San Francisco Bay to allow the rail line out into the other harbors, connecting ships with the national rail network. This rail line eventually became obsolete, but the Mole itself still exists. This project stems from a previous project, which was a 50-ft widening of the navigation channel. The Port cut back that piece of land, the Mole, both down 50 ft. to deepen it, and around to widen it. This shoreline evaluation is a segment of this larger project.

Location: Oakland, California

Client: Gahagan & Bryant Associates, Inc.

Completion of Services: On-Going

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