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Title: Field Services Manager / Health & Safety Officer

Mr. Degener has more than a decade of experience in the construction related trades including laboratory and field testing, special inspection, quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC) for numerous projects throughout California. He has sound knowledge of building codes, jurisdictional requirements and construction practices.  He has expertise in the inspection, testing, and evaluation of new and existing buildings and structures to ensure conformance to building codes, approved plans and project specifications. He has extensive experience with the laboratory testing and characterization of construction materials. Mr. Degener has in-depth knowledge of standard test methods published by ASTM, AASHTO and Caltrans that pertain to the testing and characterization of various construction materials. Mr. Degener is also responsible for assisting the Laboratory Manager with keeping the laboratory accreditations current and in good standing, which include: AASHTO (AMRL & CCRL), DSA, USACE, Caltrans and the City of Los Angeles. He regularly participates in proficiency testing programs with: AMRL, CCRL and Caltrans. In addition, he has provided project coordination, technician dispatch services and project management duties.

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