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Michael D. Reader, RCE, GE
Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Reader has more than 21 years of experience managing geotechnical investigations, construction materials inspection and testing for a wide range of projects in the Southern California area, including more than 100 bridge investigations. His other experience includes investigations for public works projects, commercial developments, city redevelopment studies, landslide analysis and stabilization, water and wastewater treatment plants, hospitals, educational facilities, mid rise structures, liquefaction, and seismicity.

Mr. Reader’s Resume

Shah Ghanbari, RCE

Mr. Ghanbari is a registered Civil Engineer with more than 25 years of professional experience in the fields of geotechnical engineering, instrumentation, construction, and environmental services. Mr. Ghanbari has extensive experience in investigation, design, and construction of building projects. Mr. Ghanbari has extensive successful experience with a spectrum of clients ranging from large federal agencies to small private clients requiring “fast-track” services.

Mr. Ghanbari’s Resume

Dr. Kul Bhushan, RCE, GE
Chief Technical Officer

Dr. Bhushan is a registered Civil and Geotechnical Engineer with over 40 years diverse geotechnical experience. His geotechnical consulting experience includes over 100 bridge and seismic retrofit projects, 35 petrochemical/heavy industry plants, 20 offshore and harbor projects, 20 seismic hazard studies, two nuclear power plants, three solar power plants, 15 medium and high-rise buildings, six airport projects, and a large number of other projects such as schools, hospitals, commercial, industrial, and residential structures, airports, embankments and transmission lines. As Chief Technical Officer of Group Delta Consultants, he is responsible for the technical quality of our work.

Dr. Bhushan’s Resume

Thomas D. Swantko, RCE, GE
Principal Geotechnical Engineer

Mr. Swantko has over 30 years of experience in geotechnical engineering in Southern California.  He has managed geotechnical and seismic studies for a wide range of private and public works projects.  His experience includes hillside residential developments, commercial developments, high-rise buildings, freeways, bridges, airfields, port facilities, pipelines, water treatment plants, refineries and storage facilities.  He has managed geotechnical field inspection and testing services on major earthwork projects, involving compacted fill and backfill placement, excavations, removal of unsuitable materials, surcharging, installation of piles, performance of pile load tests and in situ instrumentation programs.  Mr. Swantko is registered by the California Office of Emergency Services to perform safety assessments in time of emergency (earthquakes).  He has also conducted forensic investigations involving a variety of geotechnical issues and has provided expert witness testimony and support at trial.

Mr. Swantko’s Resume


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