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Forensic and Legal

Group Delta Consultants expert geotechnical consultation services to attorneys, judges, arbitrators, insurance companies, and others in the evaluation and remediation of soil related distress to structures, earth movement, seismicity, and other matters related to adverse soil, geologic, or hydrologic conditions. Our areas of expertise include the investigation of structural distress related to adverse soil and/or geologic conditions including:

  • Landslides

  • Mudflows

  • Slope Failures

  • Geologic Hazards

  • Soil Creep

  • Soil Settlement

  • Soil Expansion

  • Earthquakes

  • Water Intrusion

  • Seepage

  • Surface Drainage

  • Subsurface Drainage

  • Tree Roots

  • Vibrations

For more information, please contact Tom Swantko at (844) GDC-5100 or visit our GeoForensics division website.





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